Look what we got. The amazing new Alkaram Eid collection 2017. The photo shoot for the collection has been unveiled and it features none other than Mahira Khan. The Raees actress looks absolutely stunning wearing Alkaram Lawn 2017 suits. The dresses are specially designed for upcoming Eid event. Priced in range of 7k to 9k.

As the price suggests, this is a premium embroidered collection from Al Karam Studio. And they have chosen the perfect face for this. Mahira Khan looks elegant and stylish in every single dress from the collection. Check for yourself

Alkaram Eid Collection 2017


Mahira Khan in Alkaram Eid Collection 2017

Champagne is a color of elegance. Mahira Khan looks mesmerizing in this stunning Champagne suit from Alkaram Eid Collection 2017.


Mahira Khan in Alkaram Eid Collection 2017

This is a very elegant shade of green. This coral green suit with gold embroidery work on it comes with a contrast gold color dupatta. Green and Gold are a timeless combination.

Drizzling Gold

Mahira Khan in Alkaram Festive Collection 2017

Look sober in this drizzling gold suit from Alkaram Festive collection 2017. The color looks so good on Mahira Khan <3


Mahira Khan in Emery Alkaram Eid Collection 2017

This is our favorite look from the entire Alkaram Festive collection 2017. The short frock-style shirt that Mahira Khan wearing is so beautiful. We love the details on shirt. Amazing!

Totally worth another look…

Alkaram Eid Collection 2017


Mahira Khan in Majestic Alkaram Eid Collection 2017

This dress’s name says it all. Majestic. This is truly majestic design. Great color with contrasting embroidery work. Mahira Khan looks truly majestic here.


Remember Mahira Khan’s black dress from Raees? This one’s even better:

Mahira Khan Black Dress - Alkaram Eid Collection 2017

Mahira Khan always looks stunning in black. And she knows it. This black dress is awesome.

Talking of Mahira in black dresses, how can we forget her glamorous look for Lux Style Awards 2017.


Sephora Alkaram Festive Collection 2017 ft. Mahira Khan

The ‘Sephora’ from Alkaram Festive collection 2017 is rather traditional. Still classy and glamorous though.

Want to see more from the brand? Don’t forget to check Alkaram Lawn collection 2017.

If you want to purchase any of these dresses, you can visit AK Studio stores when these are made available.