Khaadi Khaas 2017 range just received a hell of an upgrade. Beautiful dresses inspired from tribal fashion, titled Khaadi Khaas Nomad collection 2017 made to the runway today. The collection was on display during the PDFC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW2017) in Lahore’s Expo Center. To say that we are smitten with these cool dresses would be an understatement. These amazing apparels are truly ‘khaas’.

The mystic south and central Asia inspired designs take you to a mystic journey across the land of folklore and magic. The collection was received well by majority of brand’s fans. Some, however, questions whether these designs were actually wearable. We tend to think that these amazing dresses are designs to make you stand out in the crowd. These are not for week-at-hearts. But for sweethearts 😉

The Nomad Khaadi Khaas Collection 2017

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