If there was one collection that many of us have been waiting for, it sure has to be Elan Eid Collection 2017. After successful launch of Elan Lawn 2017 collection earlier in the summer season. The brand has now effectively one-upped that with a more beautiful collection.

Chiffon shirts with Silk dupattas are the hottest trend this season. Elan’s new range of festive Eid dresses makes full use of it. An embroidered Chiffon shirt that comes with a cotton satin trouser is a wise choice. But we are sure you wouldn’t be able to resist even if it was offered in Khaddar. Such are the designs in this collection that you just cannot help the craving. Prices are not too high either. In range of PK Rs. 14,000 to PK Rs. 15,000. This is what most other Eid collections would cost you.

Elan Festive Eid Collection 2017

So here it is. Have a look at this classy collection:

Elan Festive – EF-01

EF-01 MAHFIRUZ - Elan Eid Collection 2017

EF-01 MAHFIRUZ – Price: PKR 13,990

Elan Festive – EF-02

EF-02 SHEHZADE - Elan Eid Collection 2017

EF-02 SHEHZADE – Price: PKR 13,990

Elan Festive – EF-03

EF-03 NAJILA - Elan Eid Collection 2017

EF-03 NAJILA – Price: PKR 13,990

Elan Festive – EF-04

EF-04 FAIRUZA - Elan Eid Collection 2017

EF-04 FAIRUZA – Price: PKR 13,990

Elan Festive – EF-05

EF-05 NURBANU - Elan Eid Collection 2017

EF-05 NURBANU – Price: PKR 13,990

Elan Festive – EF-06

EF-06 MIHRIMAH - Elan Eid Collection 2017

EF-06 MIHRIMAH – Price: PKR 13,990

Elan Festive – EF-07

EF-07 SAFIYE - Elan Eid Collection 2017

EF-07 SAFIYE – Price: PKR 13,990

What a beautiful little collection. Despite it being a very limited collection, there are some very cool designs. Dupattas are done so brilliantly. Suits are elegant and designed to make you look elegant this Eid.