After setting the stage alight in PSL 2017 finale, Ayesha Omar will now be seen as the face of Saira Shakira Lawn 2017. This new collection is part of Crimson Lawn 2017 campaign. Embroidered suits from the collection are a treat to watch. But it’s the stylish Ayesha Omar again that makes it come to life. She looks a drop dead gorgeous in each and every suit.

Looking at the dresses, you will feel a sense of style in all of them. They are innovative yet do not go away from the oriental roots. Textured embroideries on colorful printed Lawn fabric is never boring.

This is out second best Lawn photo shoot of the season. First one remains Rabia Butt for Rungrez Lawn. But let’s not compare both. They are equally beautiful in their own way. Check out the sultry Ayesha Omar in these beautiful clothes:

Ayesha Omar for Saira Shakira Lawn 2017 

Pretty in pink. Icy cool in blue. Hot in yellow. Elegant in white. Beautiful in black.

Ayesha Omar looks great in all colors and all designs. Dresses are very creative too. If you want to copy the look, this Saira Shakira Lawn 2017 collection will be available from March 20. You will be able to shop from leading retailers in almost all major cities. So don’t miss out on this one people.